My topic is Educational Assistants and other professionals in the school system. Educational Assistants works under the supervision and direction of the classroom teacher, resource teacher , principal and other professional staff. I chose classroom teacher and Resource teacher as the two other professionals that have  an impact on the role of an Educational Assistant. Educational Assistants are proffesionals employed by school districts to support the inclusion of students with exceptionalities. Educational Assistants works collabratively in a team of classroom teacher and resource teacher. Even though these professionals works together as a team, but have their own duties to perform.



Educational Assistants are responsible to the teacher to whom they are assigned and the resource teacher who is the case maneger of the student. The supervising  teacher is responsibe for determining the E.A. specific duties. Resource teacher and classroom teacher are responsible for diagnosing,learning needs, prescribing educational program and evaluating students' progress. Teacher design learning and other skill developing goals and E.A. support student to achieve these goals. Teacher establish work priorities and E.A. follows the priority plan. Teachers needs to have clear and specific communication with Educational Assistants in order to success of the students. Communication helps build a good relationship between the team. Resource teachers provides direct instructions to students and selects who gets resource services and Educational Assistants implement teachers' developed goals, instructions and activities.

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In conclusion, Educational Assistant and classroom teacher and resource teacher work as a team. E.A. is a resource to the teacher as they support at risk students. Resource teacher sets the priorities for student and E.A. supports student to follow the plan. The teacher's responsibility is designing, implementing and evaluating the educational program and the Educational Assistant's role is to assist teacher in this responsibility. A good working reationship is important between teacher and Educational Assistant to a supportive classroom that helps students learn both acedemically and behaviorally. 

I think classroom teacher and Resource teacher both have an impact on the role of the E.A.