Creating and Solving Equations

Decoding Word Problems

You are going to assume the role of a math explore. Your are going to decode word problems, solve equations, and understand how the meaning of equations.

You will be working through several task to become the greater math explorer.

Task One

You will learn know to decode difficult word problems by searching for keywords. The keywords will give you clues how to set-up, solve equations, and different operations used in the story problems.

Task Two

You are going to apply your knowledge about decoding word problems by creating your own word problems. You will create word problems for each type of operation to demonstrate your understanding of how keywords are used in word problems.

Task Three

Can you solve for a variable? You are going to explore the possibilities of how to solve multi-step questions. The key here is not to try to take shortcuts but to be a true explore by exploring all the possible steps it takes to solve for an unknown.

Task Four

Time to prove if you have become a true master explorer of the math world. Can you solve various equations?

Task Five

Almost a pro-explorer. Last step to becoming a pro-explorer is taking one last math exploration. You are going to explore how word problems and creating equations are the fundamentals of math.

Task One:

You will complete the Operations Decoding Foldable." First, list as many key words or phrases that describe each operation under the "Key Words" flap (equals is on the back). Once you cannot think of anymore key words that describe the operations, use the below links to help.

Task Two

Create three (3) word problems for each operation (remember equals is on the back). In each example, HIGHLIGHT/CIRCLE/UNDERLINE the keyword of the operation. Use the following link for examples BUT do not copy the examples:

Task Three:

You will be completing the "Solving Equations Flowchart" WS by filling in the blanks and completing the step-by-step example.

Use the following links as references to solve the equation and fill in the blanks.

Task Four:

Solve the six (6) problems on the back of “Solving Equations Flowchart.” Follow the steps on the flowchart and show all work. The last two questions on the back, you will need to use your Operation Decoding Foldable to identify keywords in the word problem. Set up an equation and solve the equation for the unknown variable.

Task Five

Explore lesson 2.2. Complete the Explore Activity on page 55 to preview tomorrows lesson on Creating and Solving Equations.