Computers and Technology in the Classroom


Why the push for technology and modernized teaching practices?

Please watch the following video regarding 21st century learners.  As you watch, think about the following questions:

  • What implications are there for today's classrooms?  

  • How can teachers help prepare students for the digital world in which we live?

                Image result for digital learning                 Image result for digital learning

    Image result for exciting teachingThis school year, I will use technology in the following ways:

  1. To deliver engaging lessons

  2. To provide opportunities for students to get involved in inquiry-based activities and then showcase their learning 

  3. To teach digital citizenship and on-line safety

  4. To give all students the tools they need to access the curriculum and achieve to the best of their ability

Why has the LKDSB purchased GAFE (Google Apps for Education) for all schools within our Board?

Watch this quick video that highlights the far-reaching potential of these applications.

Image result for google apps for education

What does this look like in my classroom?  Please read the attached newsletter to see all of the ways that I will incorporate technology, including Google Apps, this school year.