Comparison of environmental quality of Port Hedland and Nakuru

You will now study two places in the world to assess their environmental quality and how this has impacted their liveability. You will study two places with greatly contrasting scales. Port Hedland, a small mining town in Western Australia; and Nakuru, a major tourist and industrial city in Kenya. 


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Your task is to answer the following questions in your books using the links provided. 


1. You first need to find where Port Hedland and Nakuru are located in the world.


Find the longitude and latitude of Port Hedland and Nakuru.

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Small town: Port Hedland

According to Environmental Justice Australia's 2014 report, Port Hedland is one of the most polluted towns in Australia. Port Hedland is a mining town on the northern coast of Western Australia. 


2. Using the graphs on 

Identify the type and percentage of exports that Port Hedland trades with the world.

3. Using

Read the newspaper article and list how the exports are affecting the environment in Port Hedland. 

Cost of living

4. Using

Read the newspaper article and identify the cost of the following in Port Hedland

a) Large Cafe Latte

b) Average weekly rent

5. Using the above article, why are workers choosing to fly in and fly out of Port Hedland rather than moving there?


Large city: Nakuru

Nakuru is the 4th largest town in Kenya, Africa. It is located in the Rift Valley Province at an altitude of 1859 metres above sea level. 

1.  Find the name of this famous tourist attraction in Nakuru

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Population Growth

Nakuru has experienced dramatic population growth. In 1957 the population in Nakuru was 57 000.

2. Find the current population of Nakuru. 

3. Read the newspaper article

a) provide reasons for Nakuru's population increase

b) what is this population increase putting pressure on?



4. Using

Identify the causes of pollution on Lake Nakuru


Housing and water

5. Using

Outline the housing available in Nakuru.

An aerial view of Nakuru Town. There is a

PEEL Paragraph responses

1. Describe the factors reducing environmental quality of the town of Port Hedland and the city of Nakuru.

2. Justify which factors you think have the most impact on each place's environment.

3. Account for any similarities between the factors impacting Port Hedland and Nakuru.


Reflect upon how the liveability of these places might be improved.