Companies (Other)

Right now companies are working really hard to pull out new technology. At the moment many companies like Apple and Samsung are working really hard to make new operating systems and new devices.

In this lesson you will learn about the history of technology, it will show how the companies have gotten better over time.

You will also learn what their logos stand for, and secret messages in them.

The last think you will learn is the future of the company, how the company is going to do with in the next 10 years economically. 



There is a secret message in their logo. Between the E and the X, there is an arrow. This arrow stands for shipping. Many companies are going to start shipping packages with a drone with in the next 10 years.


Baskin Robbins logoThere is a secret messages in their logo. In the BR there is a number 31. I really don't know what that stands for but its there for some reason. In the future BR is going to continue to support veterans, and donate money to them as they do right now.


TostitosThere is a secret messsage in the Tostitos logo. Between the two T's there is salsa, and a chip above it, and most people don't see it, but the two T's are people dipping the chip into the salsa. Right now the workers at Tostitos are working really hard to make sure they make amazing chips, and making sure they satisfy you.

Hershey's Kisses-

Hershey Kisses logoThere is a secret message in the name between the K and the I, it is a Hersheys kiss on the side. The company is constantly working on creating different types of flavors for the holidays, and for every one to enjoy their delicious chocolate.

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So in this lesson you have learned about many companies, their logos, and the future of the company!!!

Many people don't notice the messages in the logo, so now you can show all your friends.