The Cold War

During World War II, the US and the Soviet Union fought together against the "Axis powers". Though, the relationship between the two nations was tense. Americans had been cautious of the Soviet communism ever since. The Soviets disliked the Americans refusal to treat the USSR as a valid part of the international community along with their delayed entry into World War II. When the war ended, this unfairness grew into an overwhelming sense of distrust and bitterness. After the war, the Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe powered many Americans fears of a Russian plan to control the world. In the mean time, the USSR came to object what they recognized as American officials approach to international relations. In such a vicious environment, no single party was entirely to blame for the Cold War, some historians actually believe it was unavoidable. 


1. Who was the the United States allied with and why?

2. What does the term "arms race" have to do with the cold war, and what did citizens do as a precaution?

3. How did the Soviet's space effect the cold war?


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