Civil War Period 2


Civil War Web Quest

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:


Section 1 – John Brown

  1. What was the goal of the Confederate forces?
  2. Describe the Sharp’s rifle.
  3. Which type of revolver did John Brown send 2,000 of to the Kansas Territory?
  4. What was a “slave collar” and what was it used for?


Section 2 – The Civil War Begins

  1. What percent of the popular vote did Lincoln win?

2. What oath did Lincoln claim in his inaugural address?

  1. What did Jefferson Davis have over Lincoln? (Background)
  2. What did the 1864 Campaign Ribbon say on it?
  3. What famous American was on the Great Seal of the Confederacy?



Section 3 – Battle of Bull Run

  1. Summarize the opening paragraph of this section.
  2. What is the Confederate Battle Flag known as?


Section 4 – Turning Points

      1.    List 2 facts for each battle:

    1. Antietam:



    1. Vicksburg:



    1. Gettysburg:




  1. On what side was General William T. Sherman?
  2. Describe what is meant by Sherman’s March.




Section 5 – The War at Sea

  1. What were the Union’s two goals?



  1. What were the CSA’s two goals?



          4. On March 9, 1862 the battle between Ironclads  ________ and  _______ was a dramatic turning point in the war at sea.



Section 6 – From Wilderness to Appomattox

  1. How many Union troops and Confederate troops fought in the Wilderness battle that lasted 44 days?
  1. Union à
  2. Confederate à


  1. Where did Grant attack in 1864 hoping to cut into the rail lines that sent supplies to Richmond?




  1. Where did Lee surrender?




  1. Who did Lee surrender to?




  1. How many Americans were killed and wounded?

    1. Killed à


    1. Wounded à



Section 7 -- Leaders

  1. When did Lincoln decide to free the Slaves in the south?




  1. On what date did the Emancipation Proclamation go into effect?




  1. Who did Lincoln name as General of the Union troops?




  1. Lincoln’s main opponent in the 1864 election was _____, who Lincoln replaced as General of the Army of the Potomac.



  1. Lincoln won reelection with _____% of the popular vote.



Section 8 – Military Leaders

  1. Who were the Generals of each side?

    1. Union à
    2. Confederacy à



  1. What job was the Confederate General offered before accepting that role?



  1. Read the section on Grants Field Glasses.  Write down Lincoln’s quote regarding Grant.





  1. What famous quote did Rear Admiral David Farragut say during the Battle of Mobile Bay?




Section 9 – Soldiers in Blue and Gray

  1. Compare and Contrast the Union Infantry with the Confederate Infantry.






Please view the pictures in the rest of this section.

  1. Pick TWO of the most interesting artifacts and describe each.







  1. Describe the Confederate Spies in the “Cast of Characters section.”




Section 10 – Bloody Battles

  1. What is the minie ball?




  1. List 2 weapons and give a brief history of each.







  1. What is the Spotsylvania Tree Stump?



Section 11 – Legacy: Reconstruction

  1. What was Lincoln’s hope for after the war?





  1. Lincoln’s assassination:

    1. When?
    2. Where?
    3. Who?
    4. What profession was the shooter?
    5. What part of the body was he shot?



  1. Who succeeded Lincoln as President?



  1. What 3 Amendments were added to the US Constitution as a result of the Civil War?