ABQ BioPark Shark Discovery Day 2014

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Shark Discovery  Webquest 

Jump into our Shark Discovery WebQuest and explore the mysterious world of sharks!

 * Bring your poster to  Shark Discovery Day at the ABQ BioPark Aquarium on July 26 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. to recieve a 'jawsome' pin and certificate!*

Tiger shark.jpg


Imagine that you work at the ABQ BioPark Aquarium.  It is your job to create a display for the shark tank that will promote shark conservation.  Your display will help visitors discover the amazing truth about sharks and their importance to our oceans! 



Isurus oxyrhinchus.png

First Steps -  Before you create your display, brush up on your shark expertise! Check out these websites, games, and videos to find out more about sharks, and shark conservation. 

       Shark Basics:  

      Sharks and Humans:  

Next Steps - Challenge yourself! Test your knowledge with these quizzes to see if you are a shark genius.  http://www.supportoursharks.com/en/Education/Shark_Quiz.htm#Anchor

Final Product - Your final product will be a display poster for the aquarium that teaches about sharks and shark conservation. Find more details in the Evaluation section coming up next.  


juvenile blacktip sharkjuvenile blacktip shark

Final Product:  After you have reviewed your shark information you will be creating a display poster to leave at the aquarium.  Your poster will help us teach about sharks and shark conservation!


  • Posters are no longer being accepted at the Aquarium - share yourws with your family or class and spread the word about sharks!  

Your display should have:

  • A catchy shark conservation message or slogan
  • Eye-catching graphics or pictures
  • Information about sharks and their importance to ocean ecosystems
  • A clear connection to the theme of sharks and shark conservation
  • Dimensions that are no larger than 22" X 28" 

Your display should NOT have:

  • Your personal information 
  • Copied and pasted or copyright protected images or text 
  • Spelling mistakes or inappropriate language

Extra Help:  More information and some inspiration to get you started -


whale shark GA Aquariumwhale shark GA Aquarium

Thank you for taking the time to complete this webquest and learn more about sharks! To dive deeper check out:  

Don't forget to check out the ABQ BioPark webpage to find out more about seeing sharks and other fantastic animals and plants in person!