Communication Technology Drone Design Challenge


Communication Technology comes in many forms and is ever changing in our world. Messages, ideas and images can be shared through television, radio, wireless devices, printed paper, the internet and  through other digital media. Despite their different forms, all methods of communication have a similar way of working and six key components:

1. Source


The Medium/Channel - which consists of the following:






What do I do?

Your task is to answer questions #1-4 on the ANSWER SHEET located in your challenge packet. Answer all questions completely and with detail/evidence from the website links given. You must use the LINKS for your answers.

For question #5 (i Movie Trailer) you must complete the planning template BEFORE filming. This will help organize the different components of the message you wish to convey.

Let’s start by seeing how drones utilize Communication Technology to improve everyday human interactions

1. How is the use of drones connected to Communication Technology and how are messages/information or goods being sent or gathered using them? Please give me FOUR examples.


Use the following link to answer the question:

15 best uses of drones in

 Arrow your way through the slide show: Be sure to watch the video clips!

2. As you saw with the drones, message/information and goods can be sent in many ways. Use the link below to explore how human Communication Technology has evolved over time. Compare and contrast the strengths and weakness of four of the methods listed. Be sure that your examples come from VERY DIFFERENT time periods!

3. Review the Communication Components and diagram below, then answer the question.

Source: Starting point/Origin of a message

Encoder: Changes a message into other forms/signals for transmission

Medium/Channel: Means by which a message reaches its target

Receiver: Accpets the encoded information

Transmitter: Sends the message to the decoder

Decoder: Translates the encoded message/signals into understandable form

Destination: Where the message goes


A communication link between a Coast Guard patrol boat and its base station is shown below. 

The boat uses the satellite to communicate its position to the base station. 

a. Explain the purpose of a decoder in a communication system. 

b. Identify one of the decoders in this system and describe how it is used. 

c. Explain the purpose of a transmitter in a communication system. 

d. Identify one of the transmitters in this system and describe how it is used.

e. Using a separate piece of white paper, draw the exact picture/diagram as it appears to the left and label the: source, encoder, receiver, transmitter, decoder and destination. 

4. Now that you know the components of a communication system, describe/identify how this process will be used to 3D print the landing target for your drone challenge? Use the link below and watch the video included in the link.


5. Your final task is to use your iPad to design an iMovie Trailer that uniquely/clearly displays and labels/identifies all the components of a communication system.


For a sample trailer, go back to the Technology and Engineering website:…