Butterfly Life Cycle

Have you ever looked at a butterfly and wondered how it got here?

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Butterflies are beautiful to look at but did they always look like this?  


In this webquest, you will:

  • complete a KWL chart on butterflies.
  • put the life cycle of the butterfly on the correct order
  • draw and color a picture of the butterfly,(including as many of the parts as you can remember from this lesson)

1. Get a KWL chart. Fill out the K column with the things you know about butterflies. Fill out the W column with things you want to know about butterflies and leave the L column blank.

As you go to the different links, use these questions to guide your research.

-what different types of butterflies are there?
-what are the parts of a butterfly?
-what is the life cycle of a butterfly?
-what do butterflies eat?
-where do butterflies live?

2.Go to http://www.kidsbutterfly.org/ and click on the purple words to begin your research. Here are some more sites you can visit to help in your research.

3. Get a butterfly life cycle worksheet.  Cut out the pictures and glue them in the correct place.

4. Now take out your KWL chart and complete the L column.  Here you will write down things you learned about your butterfly study.

5. On a plain piece of paper, create your own butterfly. Include all the parts of the butterfly you have learned.   Then use crayons and/or markers and use your imagination and design your butterfly.


How did you do?








KWL chart

I followed directions, and wrote in every column of my KWL box. I did my very best.

I wrote in every box but I did not put much thought into what I wrote.

I did not follow directions and did not fill out the KWL correctly.

Life cycle

I followed directions and completed the sequencing activity correctly.

I put the sequencing activity together, but made a careless mistake because I did not check my work.

I did not complete the activity.


I put a lot of thought into my picture, took my time, and used the information I learned in my picture.

I made a picture and used the information I learned but did not put a lot of thought into my design.

I made a picture, but did not do my best coloring nor did I put any of the information I learned in my picture.

WOW!!! You are done.  I hope you enjoyed learning all about butterflies. I am so proud of you.

The Butterfly Webquest for Kindergarten