The Boston Massacre

This webquest will expand on your previous knowledge and help you discover more about the originating problems and conflicts that contributed to the start of the event known as the Boston Massacre.  You will be able to answer, in your own words and using your own beliefs, the question of who is to blame for the Boston Massacre.



At the end of this webquest, you will provide a detailed 2-3 page paper that explains who think is responsible for the Boston Massacre  and why using the sources provided for you.

*All of the resources you will need can be found below.  Do not use sources outside of these.*

For this activity you will:

1. Read the sources below THOROUGHLY!!  Do not skim, actually read them from beginning to end.

2. After reading all of the sources, develop your stance.  Do you think the British or the colonists were ultimately responsible for the Boston Massacre?  You can argue for both but you must provide equal reasoning for both sides.

3. Next, you will outline your paper and include the basic points that you want to cover.  This should be shown to me so that I can see that you have a plan and that you are staying on track.

4. Lastly, you will write a 2-3 page paper explaining your stance.  You should provide 3 reasons stating why you believe that this group is responsible and explain them.  You should use a minimum of 2 in-text citations all from the sources below. You should be using 12 font, times new roman, double spaced, and MLA citations.  If you don't remember how to do MLA, a link is provided below.  Be sure to proofread your paper for mistakes.










Below Expectations


Approaching Expectations


Exceeding Expectations


Focus on Topic Does not have a discernible train of thought and tends to go off of topic.  Does not follow the prompt. A train of thought can be detected but need to be polished, stays on topic and follows the prompt somewhat. A very clear train of thought can be seen, stays on topic and follows the prompt clearly and exactly.
Support of Topic Provides no in-text citations and/or uses sources not provided Provides only 1 in-text citation. Provides 2 or more in-text citations.
Grammar and Proofreading Has many grammar and proofreading mistakes. Has a couple of common grammar and proofreading mistakes but are few and far between. Has no grammar or proofreading mistakes.
MLA Does not follow MLA citation. Follows MLA citation somewhat. Follows MLA citaiton exactly.


Historians today still argue about who is to blame for the Boston Massacre.  Debates are still being conducted around this topic about who started it, did the officers mean to shoot at first, was there an order to shoot, etc.  The Boston Massacre is a very debated topic today and will continue to be debated for a long time.

All of the information used has been cited previously.