Beef Cattle Breeds

Hello class! 

     This webquest will help us learn the different breeds of cattle! As an AG student, it is very important to be familiar with cattle breeds and their place of origin, traits, and other information. This will be a fun way for you to strengthen your research and literacy skills! I hope you all enjoy this assignment :)

*Yes, you can work with a partner. Only 2!






  • Research your breed of choice using the websites provided.
  • Then create a Google Doc or Google Slide show to record your information. Feel free to include photos of your breed.
  • When your project is completed, please turn it in in Google Classroom. 
  • Your research project is due on Tuesday 9/15.



Your research needs to include the following information about your breed:

  • Name of Breed
  • Origin of Breed (country it comes from)
  • Physical Characteristics 
    • Weight
    • Color
    • Overall size
  • Interesting Facts

Please use the links below for your research:

** Each group will share what they found with the class.** 

Feel free to explore the website and learn about other breeds of livestock as well. We will be using these sites throughout the year so it would be good to become familiar with them. If you have any questions feel free to message me through Google Classroom.