Basic Food Groups

Ratatouille's Chef Remy had a hard time in preparing healthy food for Anton Ego. He needs to impress this food critic to have more customers. Would you help him prepare a healthy food for Ego and be his helpmates?

You are going to the Ratatouille Restaurant and act as nutritionists. You will help Chef Remy in preparing healthy food for Anton Ego. After that, you shall be able to make your own healthy recipe through making canapes. Don't forget to bring your recipe sheet and write there the recipe you've made out from the ingredients that are indicated.




I will be using a 3 2 1 Grading Rubric

Excellent        Satisfactory        Developing

     3                      2                          1




  3 2 1
Identified the three basic food groups      
identified the foods belonging to each group      
Made healthy canapes      





This lesson is designed for 3rd graders who are looking for challenge. Through this lesson, students can learn about the three basic food groups. The movie Ratatouille is a good extension for children to have an interest about cooking.