Art: The Seven Elements

by Katelyn Hitchcock

This WebQuest is intended to teach students and allow them to practice identifying the different elements in art. Upon completion of this WebQuest, students will be able to define the seven elements as well as understand how artist use them in a piece.


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We have recently learned about the seven visual elements of art in class: line, color, value, space, texture, form, and shape. Here you will be investigating the different ways artist use these elements to contruct a piece. First, think of all the many different art works we have studied. What elements can you see the artist has used? Think about what you know about these elements.

You have just gotten your first commision at the local art musuem. Your job here is to develope a piece of work incorporating a theme from several of the existing pieces. First, you will study the artworks dispayed in the museum. Then, you will incorportate what you have observed from these pieces into your own artwork for the museum. 

First, you will need to click on the following links and watch the video to learn about the different types of elements. Please watch carefully so you can learn the the different ways artist use elements so you will be able to incorporate them in your masterpiece. 

Resource 1:

Click on the above link to watch a video defining the different elements of art!

Resource 2: Element Exploration

Open a word document on your computer and title it Element Exploration. You will use google search to discover a piece of artwork for every element, when you find an artwork that incorporates the element effectivly copy and paste it in the word document titleing the artwork and a short discription of the element you observed. You will do so for each of the seven elements. 

Resource 2:

Now, that you know what the elements of art are and can identify them in artworks you will observe the pieces in the museum. When looking at these pieces what do they have in common? How can you create a piece that follows a simmilar theme? Look for similar colors, the use of elements, and patterns. Be sure to record your observations, you will need them to create your artwork.


Image result for kid artworks incorporating the elementsRelated imageImage result for kid artworks incorporating the elements

Second Wall LINE:

Image result for kid artworks incorporating the elementsRelated imageRelated image


Now, after ,observing the artworks, you will choose to create a piece to be displayed on the first or second wall. That means you must decide between the two styles and choose either the landscape or the line design, you will create a piece using the elements you learned and the style from either the first or second wall of artworks. 

Think about how the artist used lines, shapes, and colors to create the piece. 

Lastly, after creating the artwork in class, be sure to write a description of your work including your name, title, and media used.

This is how your work will be evaluated:


  • Does not search for artworks using google 
  • Does not record artworks using word document
  • Does not create an art piece using the elements
  • Does not follow directions and stay on task


  • Does use search engine to research artworks but does not find an example for each artwork
  • Does record artwork using word document but does write discription of the element used
  • Does create an art piece but does not follow directions 
  • Understands some directions and tasks


  • Uses search engine to research an artwork for each element
  • Records artwork with discription of element in the partifular artwork
  • Creates a piece of work that follows guidelines
  • Follows directions and stays on task 


  • Uses search engine to research artwork for each element
  • Record(s) artwork using word document with discription of element, artowork title, and media used
  • Creates a piece either from wall 1 or wall 2 using simmilar qualities while initially observing the elements used to create the piece, also includes artist discritption 
  • Follows directions and stays on task throughout the class time


Great job! You now have an artwork for the museum! Not only do you know what the seven elements are (line, value, form, texture, shape, color, and space) you have created a masterpiece using these! 

The purpose of this WebQuest is to teach students and allow them to explore the different elements of art. Upon completion of this WebQuest, students will be able to identify the seven visual elements of art and be able to create an artwork using them.