Around the World

Have you ever wondered what it is like to grow up in a different part of the United States? The world?


  • catch the reader's attention to draw them into the quest
  • provide background information.


  • state what the students will be required to do
  • avoid surprises down the road
  • detail what products will be expected and the tools that are to be used to produce them.
  • give a step-by-step description, concise and clearly laid out
  • provide links to Internet sites interwoven within the steps.
  • display a rubric to measure the product as objectively as possible
  • leave little room for question
  • summarize the experience
  • allow reflection about the process.
  • add higher level questions that may be researched at another time.
  • Give food for thought as to where they can go with the info they have learned, using it in a different situation.

Sources and links

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