All American Boys

 Author's Background

Jason Reynolds graduated from the University of Maryland (where he spent about 65% of his time writing and reciting poetry all over campus...yeah, that was him) with a B.A. in English, then packed his bags and moved to Brooklyn because somebody told him they were giving away dream-come-true vouchers. And if he ever find the person who told him that... let's just say, no one was giving away anything. ANYTHING. Lucky for him, he  had all these crazy stories to keep him going. Ten years later, here he is, doing his best to string together an "ABOUT" section on his own website about his own books. Crazy. 

Jason Reynolds was tricked into being a writer. For years his aunt would only give him books for Christmas, ranging from Huck Finn, to Moby Dick. Year after year she’d disappoint him with a gift-wrapped book. He’d force a smile, and when no one was looking, Jason would toss that year’s “bad gift” on the shelf with the rest of them. Until the sixth grade, when he discovered poetry. It was then that his world was opened, and he went back and started tearing through all the dusty, stiffened books his aunt had given him, suddenly grateful for every page.



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