Visit London

Seeing/ visiting new places allows us not only to enjoy ourselves but also to gain knowledge of other cultures and ways of living. It's fundamental to plan in detail one's trip in order to get the most of it. Here's your task

Imagine you are a teacher and want to take your students on a a school journey to London. Plan the trip.

Your presentation should include the following points:

1. Introduction - Explain why a trip to London would be so interesting - give historical information about the city and underline its importance today - decide which time of the school year is the best to go, how many days the school journey will last and which means of transport are preferable. 

2. Give a list of at least 5 sights (monuments/buildings/museums) worth visiting. 

3. Within 25 minutes (5 minutes for each sight) illustrate, with the help of a photos/pictures, the places you have chosen to visit, explaining why they are so interesting.

4. You may want to insert further information such as maps (tub station map, map of the city) or timetables (buses)