What is a WebQuest?

The WebQuest is a creation of Dr. Bernie Dodge, a professor of educational technology at San Diego State University. A WebQuest is used to create lessons in which most or all content is provided with various Web sources.

A WebQuest usually includes sections for Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion, and Credits.

The Introduction describes the nature of the lesson and the essential question(s) that will be answered through completion of the exercise.

The Task section describes the expected results for the WebQuest. This would include a description of the final work product.

The Process tells students how they should go about accomplishing the end result. This section would include your links to Web sources.

The Evaluation provides a concrete explanation of how performance will be evaluated. This is usually accomplished through the creation of a rubric.

The Conclusion provides a summary and ties it all together. This section may also include additional Web links for further study.

The Credits section provides links and citations for any sources of information, including media, that you have used while completing the WebQuest.