States and Capitals

Your goal is to be able to learn which state all the capitals reside in.

Students will learn a song to help them remember all 50 states then they will take a quiz to test their memory. Learning all the states will help aide in learning all the capitals as well.

Listen to the song below to help learn the 50 states


 Needs Improvement 







Watched the video

and learned the song

Student did not watch

the video or learn the


Student did watch

the video but could

not recite the song

Student did watch

the video and could

recite the song


Took the quiz to show

it helped them learn the

50 states and capitals

Student did not take

the quiz or took the

quiz and received

lower than a 60%

Student received

between a 61-80%

on the quiz

Student received

above an 81% on

the quiz

Follows Directions

Students did not follow

any directions

Students followed

some directions

Students followed

directions correctly






Students should now be able to show knowledge of the states and capitals. They should know all 50 states and their capitals.