Solar System Quest

This is an activity to help you learn about our Solar System.  You will be exploring each of the 8 planets as you move on.  

Go to the process tab to proceed.  

Go to each of the links, or watch the videos to answer the questions about the planets.


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How does Mercury's size relate to the other planets?


Why does Mercury not have an atmosphere?


What is Mercury named after?




Where might life exist on Venus?


What is the temperature at Venus' surface?


What sound were the scientists hearing come from Venus?


What is the surface of Venus like?



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Write a paragraph describing Mars One to someone who doesn't know what it is.  


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How does Jupiter's size relate to the other planets?


What is Jupiter made out of?


How is Jupiter different from the previous planets?


What is Jupiter's big red spot?




Why is Saturn so light? (compared to other planets)


What causes Saturn's rings?


What is special about the moon Titan?


What would happen if you placed the planet on an ocean?


What is the core made out of?



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What is different about Uranus' rotation?


When was the planet discovered?


How far is Uranus from the Sun?





How was Neptune found?


How cold does Neptune get?


How is it similar to Earth?

Choose one of the planets you learned about.  Create a poster to teach the rest of the class about that planet.