Seeds to Plants

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a plant grow into something big and beautiful? What plants need to grow properly? Or even if they can grow in different containers with no harm? Students will be able to experience all of it in this upcoming unit. 

In this unit, students will learn about how seeds grow into plants, along with how plants can help humans and how they relate to humans. Students will learn different steps that are needed along with how to properly make a plant grow.

Students will start off by drawing a picture of what they believe will happen to the plant at the end of the process. Then, students will be able to encounter hands-on activities throughout growing the plants. 

Pictures                                               Points Possible                        Points Earned

Colored the Plant



Labeled the Plant (3 parts)



Drew the Plant in detail





Experiment                                         Points Possible                        Points Earned

Brought materials



Followed directions



Continually watch plant







Congratulations! You have successfully completed growing a plant. I hope you enjoyed the process and continue to grow plants at home to help the environment.