Main Dough Technics - Desserts (Traditional Dessert Baklava)

-This webquest is designed to teach students about main dough technics. They will practise  Baklava  and learn how to do it.

Baklavası whoever has done a magnificent job has been brought to Antep. Pistachio baklava pastry in the drop was much finer, and better quality peanuts grown in the region have added to the flavor. Later sweet reputation dating back to the Ottoman palace, just as it is among people on holidays, weddings and special celebrations have taken place in the table must. Even it is taken so seriously that diamond production, Baklava Regiment formed in the late 17th century. Sultan Suleiman the period before the war, the soldiers plenty of rice and stew, he served in the next zere. However, due to time after time not so exited, this tradition has turned into diamond distribution during Ramadan.

-What are the Ingredients?

- How to make it?

- How long does it take to do?

-What are the processes?



 1 kilo of flour

 1 cup of milk or yogurt

 4 eggs

 a half lemon juice

 1 cup of oil

  a half teaspoon of salt

 300-400 gr of walnut

 300 gr of farina (for rolling)

 400 gr of butter


*For syrup:

 1,5 kilo of sugar 

 1,5 kilo of water

 A half lemon juice



Make a pool in the middle of sifted flour. Add eggs, milk, olive oil, a half lemon juice and salt on and knead a dough as soft as your earlobe by adding water slowly. Make walnut size lumps of the dough and let them rest for half an hour. Roll the lumps as thin as possible with farina. Place the sheets of a greased tray one on the top of other as spreading walnuts on once in 3 sheets. When the sheets are finished slice the sheets with a knife. Melt the butter and boil it for 1 minute. Spread the hot butter on the sheets with a spoon. Bake the baklava at 170 degree heated oven till it turns pink. Keep et covered till the baklava absorbs its sorbe. (this kind of baklava can be prepared by spreading 8-10 sheets on the top on one another and cutting them into 8-10 cm of squares and putting walnut in the middle of each piece as triangle pattern.) Garnish with crushed walnut, arrange into the service dish and serve.,yemek-kitabi-2.pdf?0

1] What is the name of the dessert ?

2] What are the ingredients ?

3] Describe how to  do it ?

4] If any, please explain important process ?

5] What else can you add into this dessert ?

6] What do you think about the flavour of Nevzine?

students learnt how to make Baklava

students learnt ingredients

students learnt how long it takes to prepare Baklava

they learnt the process

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