Literature Search and Annotated Bibliography

Welcome to this WebQuest: Literature Search and Annotated Bibliography 2018

Fantoches com livros e lupa — Fotografia de Stock

For part of your test grade you will be working  in this WebQuest.

The Objective of this practice is to help your improve the  abilites learnt throughtout unit 2 and to give you an opportunity  to carry out a literature search ina an efective and easy manner.

A WebQuest is  made up of different steps that lets us create a final product that will be sent electronically.

The First step is the Task: here you will find instructions to be followed in order to finish the final product.

The Second step : Process , here you will find the 'How?'  of the Task.

The Third step: Evaluation , you will find how to evaluate your final product. 

The Conclusion is the closing of the activity.

If you have further doubts or questions about what a WebQuest is, you can find further information by clicking in this link: