Jobs/ Career

Why is this webquest is important, what would people learn from it.

My webquest is important as it provides information for people who are looking for a new job/ career. Either in university, finishing high school, or an adult who just got fired this website will help people and inform them about the many jobs they can attend. In this, they will learn many various materials that will supply them with resources such as the wage/ budget they will be receiving depending on a specific job as well as what you do in these jobs. 

What are your peers going to complete?

Afterwoods peers will be completing a numerous amount of online questions contained with a survey to inform us if our webquest was useful to the audience. With this, they will sustain their knowledge on this topic as well as determining and choosing whether which job they will be a part of. 




List the steps your peers will need to go through to complete the task?


What criteria is there to help your peers know how well they have completed the task.

What is the takeaway message from completing your webquest

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What information might one need if they were going to teach this webquest