Famous Scots

Today, we're going to be working on profiles of some well-known people from Scotland.

In your groups, you need to go to the tab "Task", and following the links, present information about these famous Scottish people. You should include:

- Basic information (When were they born? Where did they study? Are they still alive? What was/ is their job?)

- Why are these people famous?

- Has anyone in your group heard about them before?

- 3 Interesting facts about their lives

First of all, we're going to write a profile about some famous Scottish people. You need to use the following links to find some information about these people, so that you can present it to the rest of the class. Go to the first link to find basic information, go to the second to find more detail.

Gordon Ramsay:



Arthur Conan Doyle:



Alexander Graham Bell:



Andy Murray:



Ewan McGregor:






Once you've finished finding information for your group, you have do a short presentation in front of the class. Each member of your group is going to present different information:

  • As are going to talk about the Basic Information.

  • Bs are going to talk about "Why these people are famous?"

  • Cs are going to talk about "What does your group knows about these people?"

  • Ds and Es are going to talk about the 3 interesting facts you chose for your profile.