Collection of resources for teaching social studies and fine arts in early childhood

The credits section contains a collection of resources that teachers may used to teach social studies and fine arts in early childhood. There are at least ten resources for social studies and ten for fine arts. 

Resources for Social Studies

1.   Website:  National Geographic Kids


Description of resource:  The website is a resource for teachers, students, and families. It contains interactive videos, games, homework help and an interactive world map. The website is a fun engaging way to have families involved in the students’ learning. The National Geographic Kids website is also a great resource for Science.

2.   Website: Scholastic teachers activity guide:  Global Trek


Description of resource:  This website allows student to explore the world and learn about places and cultures. The learner selects a place to go and the time that they would like to depart (like buying a plane ticket). Upon arriving at their destination, students may view pictures and facts about their place of choice.

3.  App: JFK Challenge, John F. Kennedy Library Foundation


Description: The JFK Challenge App is Free App from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. It is designed for school age kids to learn history, particularly the two initiatives of JFK The Peace Corps and The Space Program, via a combination of multimedia introductions and hands on games. For Peace Corp Missions kids will learn a foreign language, practice digging, building, and exploring the world by building a waterway constructing buildings and exploring villages. It’s a fun interactive App to learn history, culture, science and more.

4.  App:  Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery by the Smithsonian


Description:  This app encourages older elementary students to help solve a puzzle posed by a modern-day museum curator. Students unlock clues by looking at pictures and documents, then record their findings in a journal. This interactive game provides an interesting perspective on the Civil War.

5.  App: Stack the Countries


Description: A fun engaging app to make learning about the world fun. Students can watch the countries come to life in this colorful and dynamic game. It helps students learn facts about 193 countries, including their capitals, landmarks, major cities, continents, border countries, languages, flags and country shapes in the context of a fun game with various levels. It also provides 193 country flashcards and colorful interactive maps of the continents which your students can use to brush up on their world geography before or use as a handy reference tool.

6.  App: Social Studies Friendzy - K-8 Grade Social Studies


Description: Students can Learn Social Studies with this K - 8th grade Social Studies games app. Test their knowledge on the US Presidents, US states and capitals, US government and history, US citizenship and immigration, and so much more.  This app also offers over 16 million learning resources (videos and webpages) to help students with every school subject such as math, Science, Social Studies, Languages Arts, Arts & Humanities, Tech and Engineering and many more.

7.  App: News-2-You


Description: News-2-You is the app version of a symbols-based newspaper for kids with special needs or that cannot read. It includes the symbols system and voices used in the augmentative and alternative communication app Proloquo2Go. The app benefits kids who have difficulty reading the written word. Picture symbols and voice help kids hear and see text and visuals. There's a new edition for every week of the typical U.S. school year, and it covers current events topics like popular movies, sporting events, holidays, environmental issues, and more.



Description: WISELAND poses philosophical questions and encourages kids to think through the answers. A kid named Sophia and a robot named Phil guide kids through watching videos representing different scenarios, playing games, drawing pictures, and writing their thoughts as they consider possible answers from multiple perspectives.

9.  App: BrainPOP Jr. social studies, economics


Description: The site is dedicated to economics for students in grades K-5 and is a wonderful resource. It offers videos, lessons, and activities based on economics with things like goods and services, needs and wants, and saving and spending.

10.  App: Dinorama


Description: In this simulation game, kids develop their entrepreneurial spirit as they run a dinosaur theme park. They take care of the dinosaurs by feeding and cleaning up after them and maintaining their cages. They make decisions about attractions like a photo booth or a café to buy for their park, what to feed the dinosaurs, and how to invest their money. The application demonstrates negative and positive consequences. For example, If the paying visitor's needs aren't met, they leave. Students can manage the ups and downs of their business like stormy, slow days and sunny, busy days while keeping the animals and their customers happy.

Resources for Fine Arts

1.   App: Gonoodle


Description:  Gonoodle is a fantastic way to get children warmed up for the day, do on rainy day or just pass time. There are so mand interactive videos that the students can follow along to the movements.

2.  App: BeBop Blox


Description: Bebop Blox are a digital version of the classic wooden building blocks except each one makes a unique musical sound. There are 12 puzzles of animals and vehicles to choose from. Students will see a brief overview of which blocks they'll need to build the puzzle. Blocks then pass by on a conveyer belt and students pick the right ones and place them in the correct spot marked by a shadowed shape. Each new block adds a new sound to a growing symphony. When complete, students listen to the music and can tap individual blocks to silence them.



The collection of resources listed in the credits section may be used to teach social studies and fine arts in early childhood.  Each website or app resource contains an applicable address, and a brief description of the resource.