health fad #3

Image result for eloise aimee parryHealth fad 1 diet pills (D.N.P)
Person Elousise Aimee Perry 21 yr female
Duration unknown she took 8 tablets 2 will kill you

wanted to slim down, bought pill online

Symptoms metabolism soared
Fad claim  did not loss weight but killed her
Similar cases Chis Mapletoft 18 yr male 

Image result for samantha clowe

Health fad 2 lighter life diet
person Samantha Clowe 34 yr female
duration 11 weeks
reason wanted to slim down for wedding (fat bride)
symptoms heart failure, rapid weight loss 19 kg in 11 weeks
fad claim low calorie diet
similar cases Matilda Callaghan 25 yr female  died losing 63 kg


Image result for Lorena Peralta Baltazar

Health fad 3 Herbalife weight loss shake
person Lorena Peralta Baltazar 28 yr female
duration unknown she was addicted to shakes to lose weight
reason weight loss
symptoms kidney pains
fad claim safe weight loss (some how safe)
similar cases country of Spain issued warning about herbalife