The Branches of Biology

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Different forms of life is seen around us. Even the minute organisms are now view by the use of microscope. Life is always exist anywhere. This is the major concern of biology to study and explain about life. Biologist are scientist who conduct studies about life. But biology can be divided into may branches according to the field that they study.

On this webquest, you will learned the main branches of biology as well a their field that they study.


Your task is to make a research about the main branches of biology as well as to make a graphic organizer to present this branches of biology.


1. Research on internet and books about the main brances of biology.

2. Make a graphic organizer presenting the main branches of biology and other information about these branches.


PresentationIdeas are not clear and not organized.Ideas are Clear and Oraganized.Ideas are very clear and well orgaized.
ContentLack of Information.Information is somewhat complete.Information is complete.
ResearchResearch is incomplete.Research is somewhat complete.Research is complete.


On this webquest, you learned the main branches of biology as well as the field that they study.

You also developed you skills in organizing concept through graphic organizer.


The maker of this webquest is Freztly Laguatan. A fourth year college student.

The maker is currently studying Bachelor of Secondary Education at Cagayan State University, Sanchez Mira Campus.